Eyelid Lesions

Broadly speaking eyelid lesions can be categorized as either cancers or noncancerous and for this reason should be examined by an eye doctor. Cancerous lesions are usually basal cell carcinomas but can also be squamous cell, sebaceous cell cancers, malignant melanomas, or other lesions. Because some cancers may be caused by sunlight, it is always advisable to wear a hat and sunglasses when you are outside and also sunblock taking care to not get sunblock in your eyes.

Noncancerous lesions can be acute infections requiring antibiotic drops or pills. Perhaps the most common infection of the eyelid is a stye, which is an infected gland. If an infection is not treated promptly, it can rapidly spread around the eyelid resulting in cellulitis. Infections usually are characterized by redness and pain in addition to swelling.

Because eyelid lesions and eyelid lesion removal can affect the eye, we recommend that an eye doctor be involved in all procedures involving the eyelid.

If you notice swelling around your eyelid, please contact Drs. Chopra, Benedict, or Furman.

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